You're a player and you're the winner!


Contrary to general thoughts, appearance is important for hosts, but when you hear from actual workers, many people who are eloquent and funny are aces. I was surprised that the short and fat host was the ace of this store, but in reality, there are cases where men admit it because they have a lot of fun. While room salons are often workplace entertainment, hosts usually come with rich people or entertainment workers, especially entertainment workers, who often go to relieve the stress of working at host bars.

The stress accumulated by the men in the host bar seems to relieve stress on the same man. In the first place, everyone in this line of work is difficult, but women in particular have risks such as pregnancy. In host bars, human rights abuses occur between male users and female employees in room salons, and there are cases where high heels are filled with wine to drink. Surprisingly, there are quite a few cases where famous female celebrities come secretly.

There was 선수다 where only women receive as guests, and where both men and women receive as guests, but are a little less than Jungpa, and now they are all classified as host bars or Evan bars. There are differences in the appearance and speech of players depending on the area they live in, but there are differences there except for certain areas. Ivanba, as its name suggests, is a place where men visit men. The host bar does not only accept women as guests, but the place where men mainly receive customers is called Seonjeopba or Ivanpa.

However, if host bars usually focus on drinking vodka with men, this place focuses on secondary prostitution. In addition, since the crackdown on prostitution is conducted for women, there are many places that have been registered in the form of a general restaurant (bar) and have created rooms for such business. In fact, it is closer to Urisen in Japan than to host bars. Even if it is a place where women mainly receive customers, it is said that the host often goes to a secondary (sexual relationship) with a male guest if they want, so some hosts say, "It's the same for women or men except for running."

Among actual hosts, there are many cases where sexual minorities cannot find other jobs. Among some Korean male hosts, there are women who travel abroad, or those who travel to Japan and China to deal with local women. The reason why the Japanese cartoon "Oran High School Host" Anipan name and the drama version "Domestic Name" play separately is that there is a strong perception of Korean hoppa, as mentioned above.